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Check out some of the awesome shows created by past PodSchool students below…

Jacqui Ooi, What She Did Next

Jacqui started her podcast to shine a light on women making brave choices in their lives and careers, to inspire other women to do the same.

Her interviews focus on women who’ve made an inspiring career or life change – from switching career paths, to living and working in other countries, to starting their own business or side project.

Since starting her show she’s charted in the top ten twice and Women’s Agenda is now featuring her interviews on their website.

“I’d been wanting to start a podcast for years but never had the time or confidence! Rachel is really in tune with the niggling worries of a new podcaster, so her words were very reassuring! I would highly recommend PodSchool to anyone starting out. It gave me the confidence and skills to get my podcast underway!”

Peta Hooke, I Can’t Stand

Peta was motivated to start a podcast after noticing people were scared to ask questions about her disability for fear of saying the wrong thing or being politically incorrect.

Each week on the podcast Peta answers an audience question where nothing is off-limits. She hopes, by creating a space that encourages open dialogue she can give people a better understanding of what it’s like to live with a disability.

“Rachel’s course was excellent! I thought I knew what I was doing but it became very clear I had a lot to learn about how to podcast professionally. I’m now super proud of what I can produce. Rachel was so open and supportive and it felt like I was learning from a friend. If you’re looking to start a podcast I can’t recommend the course highly enough.”

Jane Hillsdon, The How To Do Marketing Show

Jane is an award-winning marketer who launched The How To Do Marketing Show, a no-nonsense podcast for small business owners and their teams that’s full of marketing insight and information.

The podcast delivers thought leadership, interviews with industry experts, practical advice and simple strategies to help small business owners understand exactly how they can use marketing more effectively and efficiently to achieve their goals.

“I loved PodSchool! Rach’s modules are hilarious, I really loved her style of delivery but more than that they’re super simple to follow and the step-by-step approach makes it really easy to know exactly what you need to do to launch a successful podcast.

John Littlefair, Never Just A Dog

John set out in March 2020 to ride solo across Australia to start a conversation and build awareness around the grief people experience when they lose a dog.

Once Covid hit his plans changed so he needed a way to continue to have the conversation without worrying about border restrictions and quarantine. So he jumped into PodSchool and started his podcast launching the first episode just before New Years Eve 2020.

“I’m so stoked I signed up for the course. I knew nothing about podcasting and PodSchool is what’s helped me get to this stage from not knowing anything to launching my own show. Thanks so much, Rachel! My advice to anyone who wants to start a podcast is to sign up to the course because it’s absolutely brilliant!”

Kathy Guarino, Kathy’s Bald Move

Kathy is a teacher who wanted to start a podcast for ages but was afraid it wouldn’t be good enough.

Eventually, she decided to bite the bullet and jump into PodSchool and now she’s kicked off her show, Kathy’s Bald Move!

She originally started it to raise awareness for her World’s Greatest Shave campaign but the show became an interview series where Kathy chats to people about their experience with cancer in an attempt to raise awareness. This year The Leukemia Foundation approached her to do more episodes to promote the World’s Greatest Shave for them.

“I really loved PodSchool. All the videos were really practical and they took you through things step-by-step so you felt like you had guidance along the way. Rachel explains things so clearly, she really knows her stuff and she adds her humour to it which makes the whole thing so enjoyable.”

Julian Keats, Addiction In Simple Terms

Julian is a Doctor who specialises in addiction medicine and he wanted a way to help more people understand addiction.

Through the podcast he wanted to provide information to help empower people experiencing problems related to their alcohol and drug use, foster compassion amongst their families and loved ones and help fight stigma and discrimination in the wider community. 

Three months after starting, his show had been listened to in over 25 countries spanning six continents.

“I already had plenty of ideas for content but the ‘how-to’ seemed too overwhelming until I discovered PodSchool. What I found especially useful were tips on where to find all the tools for recording, editing, artwork, hosting, along with the step-by-step video tutorials that I had open on my laptop to instruct me side-by-side as I learnt how to use the various tools and software in real-time.

Leanne Shelton, Marketing & Me

Leanne’s career experience includes journalism, marketing, internal communications, events, and B2B sales in corporate, government, and not-for-profit roles.

In January 2020 she launched Marketing & Me with the aim to educate as many health and wellness business owners and not-for-profits as possible about the power of using marketing to grow their business.

“I knew I wanted to start a podcast but felt completely lost. I’m not a techy person, so the equipment, software, hosting, and platform stuff was very overwhelming! Rachel’s course broke down all the various elements into digestible and easy-to-understand chunks, so I knew exactly what steps I needed to take.”


Stephen Connor, Feeling Versonic

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur who started up Versonic Music Limited, a business that has evolved into an indie hub championing independent music.

He decided to launch his music commentary podcast to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talents and music and to give his audience an insight into what it’s like to be involved in the music industry.

“Once I’d made the decision to start a podcast I searched the internet for help and advice and carried out as much due diligence as possible.  By far and away the best platform I found was Rachel’s innovative PodSchool.  I found the website very user friendly and it was really easy to navigate my way through the excellent modules.  I also made very good use of the bonus tutorials!”


Shane Kelton, Power, Strength &  Vulnerability

Shane developed a passion for mental health after working through his own struggles with depression and anxiety. 

He started his podcast to normalise conversations around mental health by finding others who were comfortable sharing their stories. 

Ultimately he hopes the show will make people realise that reaching out for help and speaking up about their experience is a sign of strength, not weakness.

“I was ready to give up on my dream of recording a podcast because I was getting so frustrated at what I was trying to do. Signing up and following the course made life so much easier and as they say “the rest is history”.  Without PodSchool I wouldn’t be on the airwaves.  Plain and simple.”

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